Why Having a LinkedIn Profile is Important

Why Having a LinkedIn Profile is Important

What are the Seven Fundamental Steps to Writing the Perfect Resume


LinkedIn is a networking site made for the business community. The site's goal is to enable registered members to establish and document networks of people they know. LinkedIn, as most of us know, is very similar to a social networking site like Facebook, to be precise. But generally, people utilise LinkedIn for professional purposes. It is a platform you can use to showcase your skills, expertise, education, experience etc. But people don't know how to write a LinkedIn profile and the benefits of using LinkedIn. But they can explore the blog to learn about the importance of having a LinkedIn profile.

Importance of a LinkedIn Profile

You may promote your profile, and expertise, and recommend and contact others on LinkedIn. You might be thinking that a resume can also do this job, but keep one thing in mind - resumes are never sent to anyone unless you do it in person. You can update your resume on job sites, but who views them? I'm sure not many.

But if you update your profile on LinkedIn, chances are that viewership will increase. Basically, through Linked you can tell the job world about yourself in a little detailed way. A well-written LinkedIn profile can help you with it. Many people continue to undervalue LinkedIn roles in their job search. Here are seven important reasons to create a LinkedIn account -- or dust off your long-forgotten account.

1. You Can Use Its Effective Job Board

You'll find many of the reasons on this list, but let's start with section one: As a job seeker, you can search through networking platforms to find a robust job board and apply for jobs. Search jobs by keyword and location. Even if you're not actively looking for new employment, you can set up job alerts based on your career interests to receive regular email updates and stay in the loop. With a LinkedIn premium account, you can find out about job openings. Send direct messages to recruiters and hiring managers. You can compare to other applicants through Insights and even get instant access to salary insights.

2. You Can Build Your Brand

Building your professional identity online is crucial for you and other businesses. Personal websites are great for this, but they often come with additional costs and it takes hours and hours to build and finesse that identity. Spreading your name in the professional world is simple with LinkedIn. Write a compelling LinkedIn summary that highlights your abilities and demonstrates your personality. You should also upload a professional profile photo. When recruiters, employers, coworkers and managers see your profile, they should be able to gain a strong understanding of who you are and what skills you bring to the table.

3. It can help your name to rank on Google

Chances are if you apply for a job, the first thing an employer or human resources manager will turn to is Google your name. Even emailing a new client can result in a Google sweep of your name. If you've never Googled yourself, now's the time. Here's another benefit of LinkedIn: Ranking on the first page of Google can be difficult. But LinkedIn is a well-known and powerful network -- and so is Google. Due to that, it's generally easier to rank your LinkedIn page on Google. But, ranking on a site is not easy as it requires a high-quality profile. If you are facing issues creating an immaculate profile, you can take the help of a professional bio writer.

4. It maintains the Rolodex of your contacts

Do you remember that fantastic young professional you met three years ago at that conference? Or an acquaintance who wished to work as a freelancer? Probably not. When you meet new people, add them to your professional network on LinkedIn rather than putting their email addresses in your old address book or stuffing your business cards in your desk drawer. You can keep them in your connection so that you can reconnect whenever it is convenient in the future.

5. You can research companies and their employees

Of course, if you are applying for jobs, you can access openings from other job boards and there are lots of them. These days, many companies maintain their LinkedIn pages, where they will update company information, share company news and insights, and showcase existing employees. If you track daily updates, you will get a good idea about its culture and people before going through the interview process or accepting a job. With LinkedIn, you can make sure it's a good fit for you.

6. It can help you to track industry news:-

LinkedIn aggregates a timeline of log-in. You will find news updates from your connections, your group and your company and keeping track of industry trends and reports is both fun and wise.

7. Network, network, network!

Can we stress this enough? Professionals use this tool for networking. Even if you dislike networking, you can still develop fruitful LinkedIn contacts. You can establish connections on LinkedIn with people you know, experts in your profession and even role models.

What are the Seven Fundamental Steps to Writing the Perfect Resume


This list of LinkedIn advantages and significance might have persuaded you. LinkedIn is one of your most effective professional tools. You can build and maintain your network, search for jobs and build professional stature. Plus it is free. So why wait? Do you need help with your LinkedIn profile? Several platforms provide LinkedIn profile writing services online. A renowned and reliable service provider can also provide other career-building services like CV writing help. It will help you build your brand, attract recruiters and grow your network. You can promote your profile to appear better in search engine results with personalised URLs. From the Public Profile settings page, you may also design a badge for your LinkedIn public profile that you can add to your blog, website, or online résumé.

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