What can you do to differentiate your CV from your competitors?

What can you do to differentiate your CV from your competitors?

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Hiring managers only have a little time to thoroughly review each resume, which means you have to understand what the hiring managers are looking for and what you include to make your resume stand out. Be selective about it. Tailoring your resume to be job-specific and using robust and proactive language to demonstrate confidence in your skills should only be part of your strategy. The job market is constantly changing, and showing that you're adaptable and comfortable with technology should be one of your resume priorities. A CV Writing can be challenging, and your CV should reflect more than what you do. So how do you make your resume/CV stand out among hundreds of applicants? We will read further in this blog.

Here are some things you can do to make your resume stand out:-

Applying for your dream job can be stressful. There are a lot of competitors in today's competitive job market, so it still takes work to land coveted positions. Here are some points that you should include in your CV/Resume.

1 Make your resume keyword-rich:

Recruiters and company resume database search for resumes using keywords. Think of it like searching for a restaurant on Google. If those keywords are not embedded in your resume, they will not be included in the results. It is important to identify the correct terminology in the industry you are applying for. Take the time to research the company, look over the job requirements, and highlight all keywords and key phrases. However, don't go too crazy with the keywords. Put on just enough volume to help employers find you fast. Remember this equation: Great resume + keywords = job opportunities.

2 Get Your Resume Branded:

Employers care about your address, mobile number, and e-mail address; it is more important to them how you do things differently, What makes you unique, and what is your bottom-line impact on the organisation. Ask yourself what you consistently do well that is important to a potential employer. Once you identify it, turn it into a branding statement of three to four sentences maximum.

3 Make it easy for employers:

Avoid the possibility of conversion errors during upload and keep formatting as simple as possible; Make it aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. Use a different typeface that is simple and readable.

4 Add Link:

Social and professional networking sites are becoming a hub for job seekers and recruiters. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some common recruiting platforms. Add a link to your profile. Similarly, if you have a website or a blog, or if you've been featured on someone else's website, add those links to your resume as well. Use a different typeface that is simple and readable.

5 Pitch a positive personality:

Just because you're listing facts doesn't mean you can't make them beautiful. Use positive language in all cases, giving employers an upbeat, positive attitude when they read your resume. These apparently small differences in word choice can make a big impact on the way your resume looks.

6 Use colour.

Humans are attracted to color, and a small amount of color amidst a sea of black and white can mean a resume-sifter will spend a few extra seconds looking at you. Use a strong, energetic color (such as red, orange, or dark blue) for illustrations or tiny graphics. Do not compromise on readability, though. Keep your text black.

7 Make a personal statement.

Remind the employer that there is a real person behind that piece of paper. Mention something specific about yourself in your statement and address it to the employer or company by name. With so many resumes to consider, employers can forget that what they're looking for is hiring a real person, not just a list of accomplishments. Humanising your interactions with potential employers will wow them and set you apart.

8 Include a "Career Summary."

With so little time to make an impact, you need to make sure employers get the most important information about you right away. Put a summary of your career, skills, and achievements at the top of your resume so employers can search for information that shows you're a good fit for the job.


In this blog, we have talked about some things that you can do to make your resume stand out. Keeping the above points in mind, make sure your resume is crafted to impress and "speaks" loud and clear. Don't lose out on being found online most of all. Use as many resources as you can to make sure your resume stands out and gets noticed online. By the way, take less pressure to write a resume because there are many such websites that provide you with all writing services like CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing, cover letter writing, and professional bio writing. Their experts come from various backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: They are authorities in the job market. With the help of a resume written by them, you can move your career needle and land the job you want faster than you think.

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