How to Write an Internship Cover Letter: Tips

How to Write an Internship Cover Letter: Tips

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While applying for an internship, employers may request students to submit a cover letter with resume, references and other required documents. Cover letter writing is the best way to explain why you are the best candidate for an internship. You can expand and demonstrate key skills and experience with it.

Before the days of applying for jobs online, the cover letter was the main document and it was the cover page of your paper resume. Today, the cover letter doesn't include anything physical. It is one of many digital attachments that you will add to your internship application form.

Now your cover letter is no longer the first page of your application. It is the first impression of you. Whether you're looking for a job or you're applying for an internship position, that type of introduction is important. A powerful cover letter can help you stand out from crowd while applying for a job. Explore the blog to learn the process of creating an exceptional cover letter today.

What is the purpose of a cover letter?

In short, a strong cover letter allows you to expand on the point-form nature of your resume. A resume is more than a list of facts. It tells an employer about your experience. But it cannot explain how that experience is relevant to the internship. But a cover letter can do that job perfectly.

Your resume is a personal history and it is irrevocable. You will likely use a very similar resume for each internship application. But if you can’t write it yourself, you can take help from a cv writing service provider. On the other hand, the cover letter is your chance to include more information unique to the internship.

If you see that a cover letter is optional for an application, but don't omit it. According to a survey of hiring managers, "83% of respondents claimed that a fantastic cover letter can secure you an interview, even if your resume isn't good enough."

This figure may seem high, but think about the information that is in the document. Your cover letter provides clues about your personality, writing skills and goals. A resume can't do that.

Writing an Internship Cover Letter, Step by Step

A cover letter is your chance to stand out from a crowded applicant pool. In this section, you'll learn nine tips to help you design a cover letter. It will highlight your professionalism, aspirations, and qualifications.

Step 1: Header:

The header provides the necessary information at first glance. Your header should include your entire name, email address, phone number and physical or home address. Depending on your preference of format, this section of your header can be centre-aligned or left-appropriate. Below is your personal information like the date and hiring manager details on the left side of the page.

Step 2: Greetings:

The greeting is the basic line for establishing a cover letter. You must aim to be polite and conversational. A salutation is incomplete without a name. Always address the hiring manager by name to prove that you've done your research. Use their title and full name when addressing them in a professional setting. For casual businesses, you can choose to use only their first name.

Step 3: Opening Paragraph:

The first paragraph refers to your application and introduces you to the hiring manager. This paragraph should include your reason for applying and a high-level summary of your qualifications. The goal must be to make it more compelling.

Step 4: The Body Paragraph:

The following paragraphs or two should be where you sell yourself. Write about any significant accomplishments and relevant experience you have. Adding statistics or verifiable facts can elevate your cover letter.

Closing paragraph:

This section is where you can link your experience with the internship and explain why you are the best candidate for the role. Be sure to include a thank you and sign-off at the end.

Internship Cover Letter Tips and Tricks:

Once you understand the structure of a standard cover letter, it's time to fine-tune the appearance and content. Here are some general cover letter writing tips.

Make a strong first impression:

Before a hiring manager starts reading your cover letter, they'll notice the formatting. The cover letter should be simple; There's no need to go overboard with borders or graphics. For a proper cover letter, make sure that:

  • Use a reputable, readable font like Calibri or Arial.
  • Write in 10- or 12-point font
  • Left-align your document
  • Remember: smaller is better

Keep your cover letter to the point. It is enough to write three or four paragraphs and it should all fit on one page. To keep your cover letter short, you can leave out some of your achievements and less relevant experience.

Keep the tone conversational:

Your writing should be professional without feeling robotic. Consider the following two sentences:

  • I'm submitting this cover letter to request an internship with your business.
  • I'm writing to convey my interest in the example company's summer internship.
Show your qualifications:

The company you are applying for knows that you want to intern there. Instead of writing about why you want an internship, focus on how the company could benefit from having you as an intern.

Don't worry about your lack of work experience:

Companies know that college interns usually have little or no work experience. Instead of citing your lack of on-the-job experience, find ways to let your coursework and extracurriculars highlight your relevant skills.

Don't forget to edit:

There's nothing more to a cover letter than an obvious typo or formatting problem. These mistakes might appear little, but they reveal more. Before submitting your application, use these tactics for proofreading to make your work shine:

  • Read your cover letter out loud.
  • Change the font to make errors more visible.
  • Use grammar-checking software.
  • Ask a friend to read your cover letter.
  • Get help from proofreading and editing services.

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The blog provides some tips for writing an internship cover letter. Cover letters are an important part of the job application as it allows the writer to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, passion and determination. It is difficult to create a strong impression with a cover letter. But it is critical when trying to win a job interview in a competitive industry. If you want help crafting the best cover letter, refer to a professional internship cover letter writing service. This type of service provider can help you with various job-related things like a cover letter, CV writing, linkedin profile writing service, professional bio writing, personal statement writing, career coaching and others. Research well before hiring the perfect service provider for yourself.

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